24 March 2015

An Easter Freebie

Oi, I made it all winter without more than a cold and wouldn't you know it - first day of spring and I come down with Strep Throat.  Injustica!

Sickness be damned, the show must go on!

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Thankfully I was able to whip up a freebie or two before I was hit with the worst of it - so hoorah!  Pick up both of them below.


20 March 2015

Hoop Dreams

Hello, my name is Harper and I love college basketball.  Like a lot.  Like a WHOLE lot.  March means only one thing to any college hoops fan and that is....March Madness, baby!

Some people inherit their grandfather's red hair or hand me downs from their older siblings.  I inherited an implicit love for everything KU, and nothing is more important to a KU fan than Jayhawk basketball.  Here's to wishing everyone an excellent tournament, the best of luck on all of your bracket predictions and my deepest sympathies for when my boys inevitably beat your faves ;-)  (Hey, a girl can dream!)

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Pick up this "Hoop Dreams" freebie set below!

Keep your eyes open for the coordinating Mini Kit freebie coming this weekend.


15 March 2015

Luck 'O The Irish

I've brought back this special offer for a very limited time.  Take advantage while you can!

What exactly will you receive?  Here's a peek:

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Enjoy this St. Patty's Day freebie collection!


13 March 2015

St. Patrick's Day Mini Kit

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Tuesday is St. Patrick's Day so I've decided to give out a themed freebie to y'all.  You can download the original mini kit and the coordinating add-on below.


11 March 2015

Another "Spring" Freebie

What a difference a week makes - last Wednesday it was icy and snowing while today is all sunshine and 70 degrees.  You won't find any complaints here!  It's definitely a welcome change of pace here in Oklahoma and I'm embracing it with open arms. We survived Quinn's first bout of flu (she's fully recovered, it's her parents/aunts/grandparents who are worse for the wear!) and I'm excited for the memories to be made now that the weather is finer. I fully plan on making good use of my latest colecction, "Spring Scrap Stash" when I document each moment.  

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If you find a spare moment or a spare dollar try to send it to this sweet man, Howard, and help out the man affected most by the disgusting behavior exhibited by the OU chapter of SAE over the weekend.  You can find out more about him and donate by following THIS LINK.