30 January 2013

Glitter in the Woods.

Is it weird that whenever I'm working on glitter I always find myself listening to Ke$ha?  She's just so darned enthusiastic about glitter, I love it!  When I start brushing my teeth with a bottle of Jack I'll know I have a problem. ;-)  Okay, back to the glitter!  This is my biggest glitter pack yet so get excited!  It's so big that I had to create two previews and two downloads because I couldn't fit it all into one.

Two previews, one download.

Have you heard that I'm giving away may biggest freebie kit yet?!  It's a Valentine's Day themed kit I'm calling, "XOXO" and it will contain 12 different parts PACKED with elements, papers, glitter, alphas, trinkets, etc.  And here's the first SNEAK PEAK to show you a smidge of what's in store.

How can you snag it?  All you need to do is donate $10 and it will be sent out exclusively to you next week!  To donate just click on the "Donate" button in the left hand side bar and after doing e-mail me your preferred contact information at imharperfinch@gmail.com, which I will then use to send you your download links next week.  FYI, if you've previously donated $10 or more then you're already going to be receiving this kit. :-)  Okay, that's all for today!



  1. Love this flexible color pallet. Thank you!

  2. lovely, thankyou.

  3. You are so extraordinarily prolific! What is your secret? No sleep? Cloning? (I can just picture 3 extra Harper Finches chained to monitors and tablets...) Whatever it is, you make beautiful things, so many of them, and are so generous with them!!!! I've been away from the internet for a week or so and I can see I have some serious catching up to do on my HF downloads. I am loving this newest kit, such great colors and patterns. You have a unique eye that suits my tastes perfectly. Thank you!

    I participated in my first blog train today, and made my first goodies to give away. Will you come and take a look? Nowhere near as professional as what you make, but you inspire me. Especially your paper textures. That's a really tough thing to do well (and I have yet to figure out how to do it well, but I hope I'm getting there). Anyways, here it is, and thanks for all the gifts! http://eversoscrumptiously.wordpress.com/2013/02/01/pixel-scrapper-february-blog-train-retro-kitchen/

  4. I am such a glitter freak! I love these so much! You're a superstar!!!