25 January 2013

I can spell, I swear!

Just in case you were wondering, A.) I do know how to spell and B.) The kit is not called "Everday", LoL  Don't you love it when you post something and then go back and realize you've misspelled something?  As the daughter of a writer/journalist/editor, I have a major complex about it! :-P  So if you noticed I misspelled "Everyday" on the first two freebies - forgive me, I knew not what I did!  Oh and I am totally aware that 99% of you are like, "Ohh..kay..."  I'm anal, I know!

Word vomit and spelling errors aside, here is your final freebie for Friday!  This kit is all about simplicity and versatility so I thought I'd go ahead and highlight one of my absolute favorite patterns, Chevron, which I use all of the time and just love it when a kit comes with a bunch of them for me to play with.  For you I have 11 different variation of the Chevron pattern to add to the growing "Everyday" kit.

Enjoy your freebies and have a wonderful weekend!  I would DEFINITELY stop by the blog tomorrow...I may or may not already have two new Everyday freebies ready for sharing ;-)


  1. lol! I never noticed the misspelling! ;)
    Thanks for this kit. I'm loving the papers... Well, all your work really!

  2. I have to laugh at your comments... I'm the same way. It cracks me up. I'm sure you triple checked everything and missed that one little thing. :) Try not to beat yourself up about it! You've done so much on this blog that is perfect!

    You are SO talented! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with everyone!

  3. Didn't even notice! Love, love, love the chevron!! CU tomorrow :)

  4. thank you so very much! these are so great! Everything on your blog is great! You are very talented and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that you share your designs with us! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  5. Thank you - loving the kit "everyday"!

  6. Thank you very much for your lovely freebie.
    Don't worry about spelling, life is too short for that (LOL) xx

  7. Ever-Day sounds interesting too, Like Foreverday or something!
    Thank You for the Brilliant Papers!
    I am finding myself liking cheverons more and more recently, Mel made some cheveron papers at Melstampz that were also Good!

  8. THANK YOU ;~}
    from crystalnva

  9. I am bouncing with glee! I've been doing my PL pages with patterned backgrounds, but it's tricky to find patterned papers that aren't too wildly busy and that also coordinate well with all the other papers I'm using. These are going to be perfect. Thank you!

  10. Love the everyday kits - so kind of you to still offer all these old freebies!! Much appreciated.