29 January 2013

In the Woods

I'm back...with a brand new kit in tow!!!  And I'm REALLY excited about this one!  However, before I get to that and your freebie, I'll briefly mention that I now have the first two sets of my Valentine's Day cards available to purchase.  I wanted to share these with you all first before I open up my Etsy shop.  Individually, each pack is $6 but you can buy them as a bundle for $9.  




Who is ready for a freebie?!  I know I am!  I have for you a set of 13 distressed solids which show off the AMAZING color palette I have for this new kit, "In the Woods."  

That's all for now!  


  1. Ooh... Another awesome color palette!!! <3 Harper you are so amazing!

  2. Thanks!! Excited to see what the rest of the woods looks like :)

  3. great colors, thanks!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing! I love the color palette!

  5. New color palette looks incredible! I adore bright colors right now, as long as they are tempered with a faded, distressed feel, like yours always have. My mouth is watering anticipating what goodies there are to come. Thank you!