02 February 2013

Always a Bridesmaid...

How is everyone's Saturday going?  I spent mine having my measurements taken for the bridesmaid's dress I'll be wearing for my sister's wedding June 1.  Which was not nearly as painful as I thought it would be.  I made a point of telling the woman who took my measurements to not show me what they were, LoL.  I'm one of those people who finds the idea of Weight Watchers horrifying - simply because they do "weigh-ins" in front of the whole group?  Hell to the no!  I'm not sure how much my insurance will cover the eating disorder which will inevitably re-develop should I take part in that!  Okay, my weirdness aside, this is what my dress will look like:

Apparently the black and white boxes do NOT come with it so I was a little bummed...

Moving on.... ;-)  I have another SNEAK PACK of XOXO, this time the second of FIVE paper packs from this 12 piece overstuffed, over flowing, mega kit!

You will get this gift for FREE when you donate $10 by clicking on the yellow "Donate" button.  This is my way of thanking you for helping insure that I can continue creating and sharing with you all free of charge.  I know first hand how expensive it can get purchasing kits, especially when there are so many great ones out there!  Which is why I wanted to start up this blog and allow people to embrace their creativity without having to dip into their pocket.
*IMPORTANT NEWS* If I read my goal in donations I'll be throwing in an extra FULL KIT with your XOXO Mega, for all who donate!!  How cool is that?!


How about that freebie, huh?  I have for you a set of 4 complete alphas, each in a different shade with that wood veneer-esque look that is so popular right now.


P.S.I wanted to remind you all that I'm going to be selling Valentine's Day cards (for digital or paper use) on Etsy but before I do I wanted to offer you all a sneak peak of this first set that you can snag at a discounted price.  Individually, each pack is $6 but you can purchase both at one time for $9, a 25% discount.  If you're interested and want to purchase these adorable "printables" you need only click the "buy now" button and you'll be directly taken to Paypal.  Upon purchase I will contact you with the appropriate download information.



Or you can purchase both at a discounted price of $9.



  1. Thank you for the alphas!

  2. I just can't keep up with the downloads lol as soo as I get one bit stached there are loads more. Thank-you so much for the lovely downloads :)

  3. FABULOUS alpha. I don't always use alphas, but I will DEFINITELY use this one!

  4. Wow these alphas are so super fun. I really like the unique touches you're adding to this kit. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for the freebies, Harper! BTW, I am a Weight Watchers member and you do NOT have to weigh in in front of a group. It is all very private. I love the program and have found great success (50 pounds happily gone).