14 February 2013

I LOVE patterns!

I'm back with another Valentine's Day freebie AND a coupon to my Etsy store!  Save 20% on your next purchase in the Harper Finch Etsy store with the code, "BEMINE20," Thursday and Friday.

Okay, can I just say that I am OBSESSED with this new color palette?  As you may have noticed - I love, love, LOVE bright, bold, non-traditional color palettes.  Aesthetic has been something that has come naturally to me, whether it be fashion, furniture, concept, creating, styling, etc.  Which I think creates a unique focus with my creations.  I love creations of all kinds, which is why you'll see me do cutesy and subtle and a great affection for shabby and vintage.  My fever of affection for deconstructed, bold, unique, distressed, eye catching kits that can be used for anytime at any age - THAT is my design core.  As a young, unmarried girl who has spent time working with adults and adolescents in psychological crisis and a focus on youth, I think I bring a unique perspective to scrapping and life's moments.

Okay, my schpeel aside, how about that freebie!

I send all of my love to you and yours!


  1. Great palette! I love bold :) Thanks so much!!

  2. WOW!!! Harper this has grown so much! I really love it all....truly! I'm without a computer (borrowed my daughters inbetween school assignments!) and will be for about a month more so i can't download anything, i can't wait till i'm up and running again and catch up on what i've missed. I will also mail you about the cu licence, once i have something to store it all on! Well done. XX Sonja x

  3. I thank you for the pieces from A Touch of Edge! Love the colors!!

  4. Thanks so much--this paper is awesome!!! You really are too generous!

  5. Amazing new papers! Love the colors and patterns. Thanks so much for this freebie and all the freebies you offer.

  6. Great patterns and color combos, thank you so much! I'm in grad school right now, on an adolescent psych track as well, so I definitely appreciate your perspective :D