24 February 2013

In the Woods, Oscar Sale and Game Night

Oh happy Sunday to you all!  Whatever your Sunday routines involve, I hope you enjoy each moment. :-)  I have lots of news and one AMAZEBALLS freebie!  Before I get to it, I'm having a special Oscar Day sale in my Etsy shop all day today.

 Grab some popcorn and settle in, here we go!

Have you donated your $10 to receive "Game Night" for free?  Well, today is your LAST DAY to snag this MEGA by donating $10.  Beginning tomorrow (Monday), it will require a donation of $12.50.  To give you an idea of the insanity of this kit and its' crazy value, here is a look at PART of my last donation kit, "XOXO."

Ginormous, right?!  Well, "Game Night" promises to be even BIGGER!  And here is another look at the first few parts I have revealed for you to preview PART of what you'll be receiving.

Before we do, have you made your $10 donation and reserved your copy of my over sized mega, the largest kit I've EVER made, Game Night?  If not, you definitely should!  My last mega had 15 different pieces, and this one guarantees to be even bigger, believe it or not.  I have for you a few new sneak peaks to this kit, so scroll down and check them out.

...and in case you haven't seen the other reveals I've shared so far, here ya go!

To insure you receive this kit, simply make a $10 donation by clicking the Donation button below.

Now, on to your FREEBIE!  The amazing Francis has created a set of Bookmarks using my "In the Woods" freebie kit (which you can find and download in my Archives!).  Seriously, these are crazy cute and absolutely perfect for customizing with a photo of your favorite cutie.

You can download both sets of bookmarks here:
Download Here

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  1. wow thanks for all the amazing designs - really wonderful work, thank you!! :)


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