09 February 2013

So much to say!

So much to say, so much to say....and a freebie to give away!  First, the announcements!

Head on over to the store to take advantage of this amazing sale and gift card give-away!  It's this weekend ONLY so don't wait!  The shop is stocked with goodies ready to be added to your stash.

Second, in case you didn't see my announcement on Facebook, I'm giving away "XOXO" away to EVERYONE who left a comment on yesterday's post.  I am so appreciative of ALL of you and I hope this is a small way of showing that.  Please E-mail me if you were one of the lucky few who left a comment.  For all of those who didn't win this kit, you can now receive it for a donation of $5 THIS WEEKEND ONLY.  Then it's headed to the shop!

Third, I'm going to be looking for a CT team in the next few weeks when I have all of the details set, so if you're interested please stay tuned to announcements on my Facebook and here on my blog.

Last but certainly never least, it's FREEBIE TIME!



  1. I love all your work !!
    Thank you very much for sharing them with us !!

  2. In the woods is such a cute kit - thank you for sharing your hard work!

  3. Love the freebie, thanks!

  4. Thank you so much these are an adorable addition to the "In the Woods" kit!!! :-)

  5. Thank you for this freebie - it´s adorable!

  6. Thank you so much for these! They're awesome!!

    Again, can't thank you enough for everything!

    Candi in Colorado

  7. This is such an adorable kit! I love it. Thanks so much!