03 April 2013

Campfire & S'mores

Ladies and gents, I proclaim to you on this day...."Campfire & S'Mores" is going to be EPIC.  What's "Campfire & S'mores," aside from the most delicious sounding title ever?  It's my brand new collection hitting stores Thursday at midnight!  To show my excitement I'm giving away not just the kit but the ENTIRE collection.  There won't be one winner, there won't be two....there will be THREE winners who win it ALL.

My mini kit that is exclusively going to every member of my Donor Club is your first sneak peak at what's in store for this crazy amazeballs collection.

How can you snag this?

Ignore the "4 kit" part - it's only the third day of this month and the Campfire and S'mores mini is the FOURTH mini kit given out to all donors!  So who knows how many you'll end up receiving.  Needless to say, it's the best value you can find.  Here are the minis previously given that you will also receive upon joining.



Join today!

Now...it wouldn't be a Harper  Finch post without a FREEBIE!  Guess what?  It's for "Campfire & S'mores," the first of TWO freebies I'll be giving out from this kit.

I hope you all know how truly blessed and thankful I am to every single one of you for simply enjoying my work, let alone supporting it, encouraging it and sharing it.  From each comment, E-mail, etc. I feel like we're all just one big fam :-)  So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.



  1. how cute is this kit??? adorable!!!

    TYVM for chance to win :)