21 May 2013

Better Days

I'm happy to share that we were tornado free today!  What's kind of funny with all of this talk going on about "knowing the risk" you supposedly take by living in Oklahoma, the center of Tornado Alley, I can honestly say that I have never actually been in one - and I was born here.  Knock on wood, I guess?  I seriously can't fathom what the residents in Moore are going through.  It's incomprehensible. Truly.  I'd be going batty simply not being able to shower - clearly I would not survive losing my home/cars, etc!  Not that I'm high maintenance or anything.... ;-)

It's truly incredible how many survivors there have been, it just defies logic.  We've all seen the same videos and photos - a community decimated into kindling, 10,000 cars destroyed, hundreds of homes uprooted, etc. - and somehow people survived, most without injury.  Unfortunately, merely surviving is an ant hill next to the mountain to be faced with what is to come for these people, so I think it's important that we all try and do our part to help out.  I've decided to go ahead and donate all sales (and match it cent for cent) over the next week or so to the American Red Cross and OK Strong Fund.  You all did an amazing job when I did the same for the Boston Bombing victims and have no fear of you not outdoing your selves.  And like I said, for every cent made I'll be matching it, so what we raise will be doubled.  It's not much but it's a start.  Enough of that, now on to Sherbert!

Have you been collecting each piece of this amazing freebie kit?  If you've missed any, I've gone ahead and re-posted your download links below.  Today's download is at the very bottom of this post so don't forget to scroll to the end.

You can receive exclusive bonus parts to "Sherbert" by making purchases this week in the Etsy shop.  Here's a little info on that and a quick look at some of what you'll receive...

Quickly, I want to thank everyone again for being so rad!  I'll be getting back to you all in the a.m. but until then just know that you are all rock stars in my book.  Alrighty, here's your freebie...


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