30 May 2013

It's Wedding Season!

I've had my hair done, my fingers and toes are shellac'ed, the clothes shopping is complete, the embarrassing baby pics are ready to show... it's Wedding Season, y'all!

I can't even believe it - I'm so excited!!!  Okay, I need to calm down and get to the new goodies real quick ;-)

Have you purchased your June Donor Club membership in the shop yet?  When you do you'll receive this Mini Kit, coordinating with my brand new kit, the first of MANY minis, kits and more!

Not sure what the Donor Club is?

As I mentioned, I have a brand new kit in store, "Backyard BBQ," absolutely perfect for this time of year.  Personally I love the "smoke" alpha but see for yourself...

Don't you love it?  I decided to go ahead and take what I planned to sell in the shop as add-on and give it away to you all as a freebie!!!

As y'all have heard me talk about plenty in the past six months - my baby sister is getting married and the wedding is finally here!  On Saturday, to be exact, but the festivities begin tomorrow as family and friends begin to fly in.  We are all ready to get this party started!  I am so proud to call Samy my sister, even prouder to call her my best friend and proudest to be able to stand up with her and Brandon on their Big Day.  Family has been everything to us and we're so blessed to get to expand and share this amazing union together. 

Gosh, I'm already getting teary just thinking about trying to formulate the words for how much my sister means to me and what an incredible bond our parents created for us and between us.  But to keep it brief - I love you, Baby Finch!

I will leave you all with the best interpretation of my friendship with my sister and what is to come Saturday night!


P.S. I should be back soon with another freebie!!


  1. Congrats about the wedding! I know everyone is super excited and I know everyone will have a great time! Thanks for the freebie and thinking about all of us when you have such excitement going on. Have fun!

  2. Awhhhhhhhh You & your sister you can definitly see the closeness..Enjoy Saturday ..Congrats to your sister & her to be hubby ;~}