01 May 2013

Party On, iNSD 2013!

Can you feel that hum of excitement at your fingertips?  I do!  Should I see someone about that?  NO!  It's iNSD and I'm stoked!  This is my FIRST ever iNSD as a designer and what makes it even more special is that y'all have been with my these past 5 months and it's just one big family celebration!  What do you give family?  GIFTS!  My gifts are many, but the first of which is...my iNSD collection, "PARTY ON!"  I chose one collection I was going to sell in store and am giving it away to all my digiscrap friends out there with love and gratitude. :-D  Anyone want a taste?


are your gifts from me this morning!  You can download "Party On! Solids" below but you will need to sign up for the Harper Finch NEWSLETTER >HERE< to receive the candles!

Keep posted with the latest updates on my Facebook page for all the crazy giveaways to come this week!

Party On, Wayne!



  1. Girl, you are so awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I am so excited for iNSD, too!!!! :)

  2. Luv the rainbow of colors THANK YOU ;~}