19 May 2013

Yummy Sherbert

I realized that I had not shared a new freebie kit with you all since iNSD so I decided to fix that, resulting in "Sherbert."  (I'm pretty sure I'm spelling that wrong but I refuse to accept that there's no t in the word!)  Your first download is a pack of solids and glitter.  However, before that - check out the new goodies now available in the store...

Now that you've oohh'ed and aww'ed here's your freebie!  

Stay tuned to my Facebook feed to find out when I'll be posting your next piece of the kit.



  1. these are awesome! I was just a deviant and saw these.... I was like, "hey, I don't have these?" well, I just hadn't read this post yet. LOL! Awesome, awesome, thank you so very much!!!!

  2. Sherbert IS correct. TY VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV M!!

    D :)