21 June 2013

Under the Sea & Mini Kit Freebie

Let's kick of this new release the right way!

I was 5 when the Little Mermaid came out and the amount of times I played that tape, sang those songs and danced along - is countless! And yes, my sister and I definitely used to put on shows for family and friends doing choreographed dances to Disney music.  Out Aladdin show was legendary (in our minds!).  That said and the mood set...I present to you, "Under the Sea!"

I even have a rad corresponding Mini Kit FREEBIE for everyone!  I just love this kit and hope y'all do as well. 

Pssst....there's a set of coordinating glitter coming your way in today's Newsletter as well.           Happy Friday, y'all!



  1. sweet design, love this kits! congratulations :) and thank you for this gift!

  2. Thank you! This reminds me of happy times with my daughters watching their favourite film :-D

  3. So cute! Thank you for the freebie.