07 July 2013

Nerd Rage

Oy vey!  What a week, what a freaking week, y'all.  I could go on and on about the perpetual cluster I've experienced with my laptop crashing, my backup laptop being less than cooperative, looking for a new laptop and the headache of getting access to all of my files on my external hard drive....but sometimes a topical GIF of my Spirit Guide, Liz Lemon/Tina Fey just says it best:

Blurgh.  While I'm picking up the pieces just please try to bear with me, I will have everything up and running again no later than mid-week.  I hope. Double Blurgh.  Okay, okay, enough of the bad and on to the good - I have a FREEBIE for you all!  

This is just a little pack of grungy Chevron papers I whipped up which correspond with "Nautical."  My seemingly forever delayed new release will be available in store on Wednesday.  I'll be announcing my four winners of this kit and sending it out to all of my Donor Club members at that time as well.  Speaking of the Donor Club - I promise all of you July members will NOT be skimped on with the freebies - I have PLENTY in store for y'all!  

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Don't worry, we can be patient. Can totally relate to nerd rage- in college my trusty laptop after 4 years decided it didnt want to cooperate anymore and in my final semester decided it would start taking 45 min to boot up and about 10 minutes to open any program. So, there I was, a senior hanging out in the library at 4 am finishing papers, because my laptop had fried itself. I wish you luck!

  2. these are so great, thank you! Hang in there while you're rebuilding. I am so sorry that happened to you!!!