14 July 2013

New Release: Today Was a Fairy Tale Pt. 1

I have a confession to make.....I, Harper Finch, am OBSESSED with my brand new collection!  Bright, bold colors, rainbows and unicorns, oh my - could there be a better a way to start off the week?   Probably...but that's beside the point ;-)  I have for you all a first look at part one of this collection, all of which is now available in the Etsy shop.  How about a little music to set the mood?

I know, I know, T.Swift annoys me just as much - probably more so - as she does some of y'all but I can't help it, I've weirdly had this song stuck in my head while designing this new collection.  (P.S. It's not that I dislike Taylor Swift - I enjoy some of her music, she makes kiddos happy and is an actual role model, not to mention we have way more in common than I'd ever admit - she just is... so very Taylor Swift.)

Here's a quick sneak peak of some of the elements that will be coming to the shop Monday afternoon. 

Okay if you all are still with me after that slightly bizarre Taylor Swift rant - you shall be rewarded with a freebie!

Check back tomorrow evening for another freebie and the release of  part two of "Today Was a Fairy Tale."


P.S. Donor Club members - I'll be sending out your first newsletter with ALL of the Nautical links Monday morning so make sure you've signed up for the NL using the link I sent out with "March Madness."

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