16 August 2013

Donation drive, Sale & Freebies!

Hello, Friday!  So nice of you to join us yet again and bring with you the weekend to come.  Friday isn't the only one/thing with great things to bring - your girl, Harper Finch, is here with an amazing sale and THREE new freebies.

Check out my brand new collection, "Girly," available now in the shop.

Your first freebie of the day is from my previous newsletters which there was difficulty in downloading.  If you weren't able to download the correct file - you can do so below!

Click Here to download this freebie!  (I've triple checked that the link is correct ;-)

On a completely separate note, I've begun the process of obtaining a Domain and setting up my own personal store, FTP server, etc. for you all and the business.  I absolutely love giving away freebies and having rad sales to help out y'all in this crazy economy.  However, if you have the opportunity to make a donation (using the Paypal Donation button) I would so greatly appreciate it and will be giving away a Mega Kit to everyone who can donate $20 or more. If you donate $10 I will create a custom kit for you. Anything $50 or more will receive a $100 shopping spree in my shop.  If you can't, that's totally okay!  Just thought I'd let y'all know.


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  1. Thank you! I don't have A LOT of followers, but pinned this in hopes to build your following. :)