06 August 2013

School's Back...again!

I hope you came to party, because that's exactly what we're having here!  More specific, a "Back to School" party, where the freebies are flowing and the sales are more than rad.  I have so many new goodies in the shop AND an amazing sale - you don't want to miss out!

I've chosen to EXTEND my "Back to School" sale through the week!

Chalkboard Alpha

Now that we've seen the in-store goods, how about some freebies?  First up, I have for y'all my Facebook freebie of the day which you can d/l by clicking the link below.

Have you signed up for the newsletter?  Click below to sign up AND grab today's NL download.

Here's a quick look of your upcoming freebies coming out today!

Newsletter Freebie

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Thanks so much for these and all the freebies! I can't seem to download the Kindergarten,Middle School, High School, etc. stickers though. I get the 2nd set of sticker in both downloads. Am I doing something wrong? Sorry I'm asking this here...

  2. THANK YOU ;~} This came just in time my twins are starting kindergarten and I wanted to make them some little books ....The word one keeps coming up as the 1st 2nd 3rd one I thought they were mixed but their the same...