30 September 2013

Fabulous Fall Day 5

It's the start of a new week and a new set of freebies, hoorah!  I have exciting news to share about the October Donor Club, a look at what's new for Halloween and, of course, new "Fab Fall" freebies.  Before we get started I have a quick reminder to you all that today is LAST DAY to purchase my shop for $25.00.  This offer will be gone forever at 12:01am tonight/morning so take advantage while you can.

While it's not included in the "Buy My Shop" offer, you can now purchase your October Donor Club membership in my shop.  What's a Donor Club?  Originally I started the "club" as a reward for everyone who would send in a donation and it has kind of grown from there.  Essentially for $10 you'll receive a month of free kits, mini kits and special offers.  And this month I have an amazing kit to give away as part of the kick-off to October.  (September Donor Club members will be receiving this too!)

Super cute, right?  If you haven't noticed - I am obsessed with all things Fall and Halloween.  I mean how could you not be when you get to commemorate it all with ridiculous amounts of candy and watching "Hocus Pocus."

I already have a few kits in honor of this amazing time of the year, with more to come.

Today's Newsletter freebie will be shipping out soon so keep your eyes on your Inbox.

Before you snag the Glitters I have a set of "Fab Fall" stickers for y'all, which you can download below.



  1. I 'purchased your store' and downloaded the text documents. When I copy and past the url to do a download it is asking me for a password. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks ~ I am looking forward to using all your goodies!

  2. okay....I just found the password...thanks again....looks like I will be busy downloading for awhile