06 September 2013

Fabulous Friday!

I have some very rad news for you all!  Yesterday I created a gift card for you to use that was only valid for 6 hours.  Having heard from others in time zones that didn't coincide with these hours being convenient, I've decided to extend my Gift Card for another TWO DAYS!

If you're thinking of taking part of my "9-11 Challenge," here's the info...

50% of the layout must be made up using "Merica" while the other half can be of your choice.  The Deadline for entry is September 20, with winners announced and Gift Cards sent out September 21.

If you're following along with my "I Loved Today" freebies then you'll definitely want to snag these daily/word frames now available over in the shop.  Use your Gift Card for an awesome deal!

I am so, so, so sorry about flooding your inbox(es) with three different copies of the same newsletter  yesterday :-/  I don't know where my brain is at but if you didn't catch the final corrected E-mail I sent - you can download your Newsletter "I Loved Today" patterned papers below.

I PROMISE today's newsletter is working properly and will be sent out with this freebie.

Blog freebie time!  Here is your Friday freebie, a pack of large patterned papers from "I Loved Today."

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  1. Please upload this freebie again because the link does not work.