16 September 2013

Hoot Freebie 2!

Ugh.  I know you all are experiencing it just as I am, but I can't help but express my outrage and sorrow for what is/has happened in D.C./the Navy Yard today. Events are clearly still unfolding and as the death toll rises it becomes more and more murky in our effort to find comfort and solace.  Having visited D.C. multiple times and being the granddaughter of a Navy Vet, I am completely and totally devastated.  I wish there was something of direct significance I/we could do to offer support or lessen the pain of the family/friends of those affected, let alone the victims themselves, but as always it's far more complex than that.  It feels with increasing frequency we, as a nation, experience and persevere with events such as these, finding comfort where we can and showing strength we never knew we had.  It's unfortunate that we have to even seek this inner strength but we are all the better for finding it and knowing it is there.

As I said, I have visited Washington, D.C. multiple times, with an amazing big sister who has worked in politics most of her career and found her way in D.C., among other places.  I am a true "city girl" at heart and completely fell in love with the area upon first visiting and subsequent trips afterward.  Like Boston and New York, D.C. (even more so) is the epitome of American ideology, dreams, faith and so much more.  I, myself, was only  briefly employed in politics but I am forever thankful for the experience, having the voice and the ability to express my beliefs - all of which was/is made possible by our capital and the institution it represents. My sisters and I were raised with the foundation that we could make a difference, that our beliefs didn't have to be "mainstream," that change could happen with a single vote - and I am thankful to my parents for creating the environment where these truths could prosper as well as my Grandfather, a Navy veteran of World War II, who played a critical role in allowing this to be possible.  

It feels silly to even go about the normal routine but it's important that we do and don''t allow others with malicious intent to succeed.  Granted, scrapbooking is far off from significance in a time like this....but keep calm and carry on, right?  I have a new release in the shop which you all can preview here.

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