19 September 2013

It's Finally Friday!

Friday, Friday, Friday is finally here!  Anyone else ready for the weekend?  Bring it on, baby!  Okay, so it's not like I have huge plans...aside from marathon-ing "Vampire Diaries" on Netflix while staying in PJs for as long as I can get away with it. ;-)  And yes, I just admitted to watching "Vampire Diaries" - I blame bordeom and Netflix, okay? My secret shame aside....check out what's new and happening in the shop, not to mention NEW FREEBIES!

Have you been keeping up with your "I Loved Today" freebies?  I just added two coordinating packs of patterns to the shop.

Saturday is the official kick off to Fall and I have the perfect kits to get you in the mood!

I'll be sending out another Newsletter freebie tomorrow morning so keep your eyes peeled for a morning delivery of these "I Loved" glitter Rosettes.

I couldn't leave y'all without a freebie until then so I have another "I Loved Today" freebie, a set of banners and flair.  You can download them below.

Enjoy your Friday!


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