19 October 2013

Bonus Treats

ATTENTION!  I have important news to share...

Now, maybe, I won't lose half of my important E-mails and things can work more seamless.           FINGERS CROSSED!  

Have have you checked out my "Tricks and Treats" collection yet?  You do NOT want to miss this one!

I have a brand new Halloween-themed Art Journal collection, "All Hallow's Eve," coming over the next few days, the first paper pack of which is now available in the shop. Want to snag this paper pack for free?  Spend $15 in my shop this weekend and you will receive it FWP!

Believe it or not...I still have a few more items making their way to the shop throughout the day so keep those eyes open. :-)

Did you receive your Saturday newsletter yet?  How about the freebie?  If you missed out, you can download/sign-up below.

I have ANOTHER Newsletter freebie being sent out SOON so check your inbox this afternoon.

Finally, your blog freebie is here! 



  1. absolutely cuuute! :) love it!

  2. Thanks so much for the JCs, sweetie~ Tricks and Treats is absolutely beautiful (wrong word for a spooky kit? lol BUT, it's true!).
    Thx for brightening my day, you always do!

  3. thank you so much for the freebies ! I share the link here : https://www.facebook.com/LMIlesptitscadeauxPL?ref=hl and there : http://pinterest.com/lemondedis/project-life-freebies/