09 October 2013

Fab Fall Recap #3

As you all know, October is all about Breast Cancer Awareness with so much being done for the Cause and Cure.  This year Breast Cancer (and Cancer) hit far too close to home, so I wanted to throw my hat in and do something that can, hopefully, make even the smallest bit of difference.  That is why I've created my "Think Pink!" collection, the first two parts of which are now available in the shop.  The collection, which will include 10 parts in total, and 100% of its' sales will be donated directly to Breast Cancer research AND assisting those battling and survivors with the nearly insurmountable expenses associated with living day to day with Breast Cancer.

've also decided to have a special offer available to anyone who would like to receive everything I have/will release through Oct. 15 at over 70% off with ALL sales benefiting Cancer research and the expenses of medical care for those battling and survivors.  If you purchase my shop last month then this is a great opportunity for you all to add to your stash without having to spend $100.  Purchase this offer and you will receive EVERYTHING, beginning with The Great Pumpkin and ending with my release on October 15.  That includes EVERYTHING I've shown above, and much more.

I have the final pieces for the Fab Fall Recap!  If you've missed any of them, simply check out the previous two posts for parts 1 & 2.

I sent out a brand new freebie to coordinate with "Witches' Brew." in today's newsletter.  If you missed it then you cam snag it below.



  1. ils sont superbes : merci beaucoup ! mais je n'arrive pas à télécharger le 1er (les mots, avec le fantôme et le chat) : peut-on le trouver quelque part ? le petit chat est si mignon !

  2. I really appreciate your generosity and your artwork!