11 November 2013

Bend it like Beckham

Happy Monday, everyone!  I started off my week right with my first Peppermint Mocha Latte of the season.  Mmm...so gooood.  I went the full hog too - full fat + whipped cream.  It was delicious and worth every calorie ;-)  It's a good thing my latest collection is all about sports because I'm going to need some serious inspiration to get through this holiday season without ripping a pair of skinny jeans!  What a way to go, though, huh?  "For the Win" is now available and I'm having a little bonus sale AND freebies to celebrate.

This pack of "For the Win!" sticker freebies is now available in your inbox.  If you are not signed up for my Newsletter you can do so below.

I have another freebie for you all before you go which can be downloaded below.

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