16 November 2013

Gingerbread Cookie Alpha Freebie

Are you all ready to indulge your holiday sweet tooth?  I know I am...as evidenced by my shameless devouring of a peppermint cake pop (which may or may not have been followed by a Santa cookie!) and, of course, my new collection, "Holiday Confections."  You can snag it on sale for 30% off in the shop as well as a freebie coordinating gingerbread alpha that can be downloaded a the end of this post.

Alas, here are your download links for the Gingerbread "Confections" alpha freebie.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!



  1. Love your gifts, generosity.. and talent.. thank you so much for sharing with us. Just wanted to let you know that letter "o" is missing in this alpha hun. Will check back in!

  2. cute alpha, although I just went to use it and realized that the one I downloaded was also missing an "o". Did I miss a fix for this?