23 December 2013

On the 2nd Day of Christmas...

Of course, just as I had everything worked out with my laptops and was feeling fine I realized that the 21lb box of gifts I ordered from Saks was dropped off at the Fed Ex facility on the 17th...and apparently has ceased to exist since then.  How do you lose a 21lb box?!  Blurgh.  This has been me for the past 48 hours and will continue to be until all of my gifts are delivered and all of my holiday freebies are given out.

I am in need of a Love Actually/Bridget Jones/The Holiday marathon STAT!

Are you ready for some freebies?  I AM!  If you are signed up for my newsletter then you can find these two freebies in your inbox.  If you aren't signed up you can do so HERE.

Here's your "12 Days" freebie of the day.

I'm off to harass Fed Ex and get my Christmas movie on...enjoy!



  1. Sorry to hear about the package mix up, hope it all works out. Thanks again for all the goodies. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year

  2. Oh Harper - how terrible!! How does that happen? I had a UPS truck deliver a package to a neighbor, and the neighbor is new to our neighborhood and very young. He kept it for 3 days until he happened to stop by with it. "Like, this is your package". I had been calling Amazon.com and UPS for 3 days looking for it!! It all worked and I sincerely hope yours does too! "Chill out" my husband said to me, and he was right. We put too much into Christmas I think sometimes. I am really enjoying these 12 days of Christmas so much. What a nice gift, you are giving to someone you don't even know!! How kind is that! You have a very generous heart. Merry Christmas and a Very Happy Healthy New Year!! Nancy P in CT (USA)

  3. Oh no - I hate late deliveries!!!! Got fingers crossed for you! Thank you for the lovely downloads x

  4. Just stumbled upon your 12 days of Christmas....thanks for the downloads. Hope your delivery makes it.