12 February 2014

New Release: Sweet Dreams, Little One

I have to start things off by sending a lot of love and warmth to everyone in the South/on the East Coast who is being pummeled by this latest crop of storms.  I am all for snow but ice?  No thank you, ma'am!  Out of all of the weather phenomena we experience here in Oklahoma ice is the one I loathe most.  Okay so obviously Tornadoes are worse but having never been in one and having directly experienced that hell that is the aftermath of a big ice storm - ice storms receive all of my loathing!

I still have nightmares about the storm where we had 2 inches of ice and no power for DAYS.  We were totally caught off guard and ended up getting one of the last hotel rooms in all of Tulsa because my older sister was able to make us a reservation from D.C.  Have you ever shared a hotel room with your parents and 3 dogs?  Yeah, not pretty!  I just remember ending up camping out in my living room wearing like 9 layers of clothes, with sweaters, scarves and hats on the dogs (you read that right!) and looking forward to work where I could dry and straighten my hair and not apply make-up in the dark.  Oh and did I mention it was right before Christmas and we were packing to spend the holidays in London? LoL

Okay, enough about the weather drama and on to brighter (and warmer!) things!

As you all have heard me mention 100,000 times - my little sister and her husband are expecting a little girl the first week of May and I seriously could not be more excited.  I swear I've planned out the child's entire first year already in my head, outfits and all.  Well I decided to channel my excitement into my first kit relating to my niece (and all of your nieces, nephews, daughters and sons!) with a little inspiration from the Dixie Chicks...and wahla!  I introduce to you "Sweet Dreams, Little One."

This kit was too much fun to make and I can't wait to create more!  Here's a little added inspiration for you all when you scrap all of your little ones with my new kit.  (There just may be a coordinating freebie at the end of this post...and it just may be part one of an add-on Mini Kit!)

Be sure to pick up what else is new over in the shop.

I've created a "Sweet Dreams" add-on mini kit for you all, the first part of which is available below.



  1. thanks, sweetie! We've got tons of snow here, cars are completely covered by drifts. And then we got some rain and hail, so you know what's going to be fun, when it turns into ice.... yikes.

  2. Lovely resources. Thanks so much.

  3. i love these colors ! thanks a lot ! i shared the link here : http://www.pinterest.com/lemondedis/freebies-papers-overlays/ and there : https://www.facebook.com/pages/LMIlesptitspapiers/626247840733770?ref=hl