01 February 2014

Super Bowl Weekend!

It's Super Bowl weekend and there is so much going on in the shop and you will not want to miss it!  


Have you purchased your February Donor Club membership yet?  Check out the first two freebies.

If you haven't heard I'm giving away this entire kit this weekend.  Parts 1 & 2 are available below.

Check back tomorrow for the elements AND my story/humble brag about having dinner with everyone's favorite Bronco/Colt/Vol Peyton Manning. :-)



  1. Wait a minute, did I read your blog right? You had/are having dinner with Peyton? How'd that happen? Oh do tell us all the details. My friends are going to die when I tell them. They are major Colt fans.

  2. Love the freebie papers, but did I miss the elements? Thanks for sharing

  3. Love this kit, I too was wondering if you are going to post the elements! Thank you so much for the freebie.

  4. Looking for the elements...love the kit and ty so much for sharing.