19 March 2014

New Release: Honey, Honey

Spring returns on Friday and I'm definitely getting in the mood.  How can you not when the sky is blue, the sun is shining and it's that perfect medium between feeling a slight chill and sweating profusely.  Yay!  This Spring is such an amazing gift for my family with the upcoming arrival of my niece, Quinn, and all of the amazing blessings that go along with it.  I'm so excited!  So excited that I just have to have sale.

You can't have a spring sale without new spring kits and I have plenty over in the shop.

Click the link below to download this "Honey, Honey" freebie.

I shall bid you all adieu with the song that has been running on repeat in my head since I began "Honey."



  1. OMG! That song started in my head when I read your email subject line a few minutes ago!!! That is one of my favorite songs! My sisters and I still sing and dance to it and we're all over 40! (me, just barely!) lol This is an uber adorable kit, too! Loving all your fun new stuff! ~H

  2. Thank you, Harper, for the fun freebies and the memories stirred up by your inclusion of "Sugar Sugar" lol.

  3. love the freebie but the oldie but goodie really got me...thanks