16 March 2014

New Release: On the Daily

It's the finals hours of my "Pirate" sale and your last chance to receive both of these goodies for free when you spend $10 or more in the shop.

Before you head on over to get the latest goodies in the shop, here's a quick reminder of how the whole "Automatic Download" process works in my shop.  If the item you purchase comes with the automatic download option and you're still not quite sure how to retrieve it - please contact me ASAP.  If the automatic download option is NOT available, you'll receive it within 24 hours.

Here's a quick look at what's new in the shop.

Y'arr, it's treasure time!  



  1. Thank you for all the pieces to this awesome kit! I'm really excited about this one! :D Also just an fyi that the preview shows 3 cards but only 2 are in the folder when I downloaded it. Thanks again for your generosity!!!!

  2. This AHoy! antipiracy pirates kit is so cute!!! Thank you for the Ahoy! journal cards, the newsletter free alpha, and last but not least, the 50% off coupon sale. (I spent over $10 this weekend/today so will be waiting to hear from you about receiving the March On word-art and the AHoy! Add-on). We have a new baby in our house, and I got 2 of your 3 newest baby kits. I would have also gotten Pitter Patter, but it wasn't available for Instant Download, so I am going to wait until it is.

  3. le kit "A'hoy" est vraiment super : mon petit pirate va l'adorer ! mais il n'y a que 2 cartes dans le fichier : est-ce normal ?... petit problème aussi avec la newsletter : j'y ai trouvé l'alphabet "Daily", et le set "Woodbits2", mais pas les éléments du kit de la Saint Patrick : ai-je raté quelque chose ?... j'adore toutes vos créations : vous avez beaucoup de talent et la générosité de le partager, merci encore pour tous ces jolis cadeaux !

  4. thank you so much! one of the cards is missing tho. :(