26 March 2014

The Waiting Game

HINT: The due date is May 5, they decided today that if she's not here by April 21 they will induce, and honestly if she's not here with the next week or so I will be surprised.  So guess accordingly!  Have I mention to you all that I'm like, slightly excited about meeting Quinn?

Finding out she's going to be earlier than we first thought has me all...

...and this GIF is both a perfect representation of me when Quinny is finally here as well as an accurate depiction of my niece around age 3. 

Amazing GIF usage aside, check out what's happening in the shop.

Get your DC membership for $20 while you still can!  It will return to its' regular price of $100 soon.

Get ready for the freebie train!  I have two for you all, the first of which is available in today's newsletter.

Click the link below to download part on of this alpha freebie.  Part 2 will be available Thursday.