21 April 2014

New Release: Peter Cotton-Tail

Easter this year was such a gift and the perfect opportunity to spend time with family and celebrate the greatest blessing to ever come into our lives, Miss Quinn.  I can't even tell you all how happy I am that my niece fully embraces headbands and tutus and didn't fuss at all.  Clearly she knows this is going to be a recurring theme in her life.  I'm not evening kidding when I say she has at least 6 of them.  One week old and already with a closet to die for, that's my girl!  I hope your weekend was just as amazing and filled with love, family and friends.  And Peeps.  There are never enough Peeps!  

Speaking of Easter, my "Peter Cotton-Tail" free with purchase is still happening over in the shop.  You can also now purchase it separately if you prefer. 

Things have definitely become a little more crazy in my life but I am loving every second of it.  My brand new collection, "My Crazy Life" reflects just that will come on mighty handy when documenting your own crazy life adventures, events and more.

Speaking of crazy, I'm almost completely caught up in the shop.  I've sent out all info to everyone who has received bonus credit in the shop from last week.  If you haven't received yours then please contact me ASAP.  Also, if you're still waiting on an order it will be in your Inbox no later than this evening.  If you're missing anything come tomorrow please let me know as well.

Don't leave without this new freebie!


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