26 April 2014

"Squeaky Clean" Mini Kit

I have a confession to make....one of my favorite things about digital scrapping is when stores/designers have rewards points.  Seriously, as someone who has NEVER had the talent of finding the diamond in the Marshall's (or whatever) pile - there is nothing more satisfying than getting a deal without fuss!  I'm literally the person who shells out $200+ for a pair of J Brand jeans I spent a month pining over, only to see my sister the next day with the same pair that she found at Ross for $20.

Whenever anyone boasts about their insane find in one of those stores - like a $500 pair Loubitins for $5 or whatever - I'm like...

and then when they do, in fact, pull out the receipt I'm all...

Needles to say, when I first found out that some designers and stores do rewards points and I don't even have to jump through any hoops nor keep track of them, they're just there at checkout ready for me to use...

Well, you get the point!  (I swear that is my last GIF of this post....maybe)  I've been trying to figure out how I could implement my own "rewards" system while still falling within the Etsy guidelines.  Etsy is both a blessing and a pain - a blessing in in everything except for when I want to do special offers because with Etsy it's their way or a migraine for me.  Alas, I've found a way to finally get the HF rewards program in action.

The Rewards program is only one of the awesome offers now happening in the shop :-)

Your "Squeaky" mini kit elements are here at last. The MK papers & alpha are available in Friday's post.

-Hugs & Lots of Love!-


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