23 May 2014

Sweet Summer!

h Lawd, give me strength....Today was one of ~those days. Blurgh. The only way to overcome negativity is the POSITIVE! So this weekend, get ready, because the freebies are COMIN'! One FULL Kit for Free? Check. One Mini Kit for free? Check. Buy My 2014 iNSD Store offer reduced to $20? Check. New collections? Check. A crazy awesome sale? Get those dentist's on call because your going to have a cavity with all of the sweet treats happening this weekend! (Disclaimer: All cavities created this weekend are the responsibility of said tooth's owner; Harper Finch Designs does not yet provide Health Care Coverage.)  Enough talking!

My first new collection this week, "Sprinkles," can now be purchased in the shop.

There is a whole lot more to come so stay tuned. :-)

This is your LAST WEEKEND to grab these amazing deals so snag them while you can!

Download the BBQ papers below.  Elements coming soon!



  1. Thanks for the great papers!

  2. Thanks for the freebie! Have fun computer shopping this weekend. Hopefully you'll find one on sale too :-)

  3. These papers are awesome!!! Thank you so much! I hope your bad day is over with and that things are all good now!!