03 June 2014

100 Days of Summer

Summer is (almost) here and I'm excited!  Okay, so mostly it's because I just really need a tan...but you know, YOLO ;-)  There are so many great things that make summer special - whether it be family vacations, summer camp, going to the beach, swimming in the backyard, shaved ice, and so on.  With this in my mind I came up with my latest collection, "100 Days of Summer," which is all about documenting these truly summer rights of passage and memory makers.  The best kits are the ones you can get a lot of traction out of which has been goal with this new collection.  With (nearly) 100 days of Summer there are a whole lot of memories to be made and moments to be documented, so grab "100 Days of Summer" and get moving!

This collection will have the papers and elements sold separately - which I kind of like because sometimes you need one but not the other so why pay both?  The papers are now in the shop as you can see here.

While you're in the shop be sure to snag "Summer Cookout" too.

...and, of course, don't forget your freebie!


  1. Thanks so much for your generosity!

  2. Thank you for sharing the beautiful papers.

  3. Oh Darn! You're getting too popular! hahaha! I can't DL because it says you've had too much traffic! That's awesome!!!!!