09 June 2014

Weekly Specials

Hey y'all!  I have a new "Better Together" freebie for you, info about what's the steals and deal of the week and what's new and yet to come. 

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First, I wanted to just touch base on what I shared in today's NL in case you didn't see it.

"Rain, rain go away...is the mantra that has been on loop in my head on this rainy Sunday.  I love rainy days just as much as the next person but c'mon, the pool is open and I need some sunshine to enjoy it.  Don't fail me now, Mother Nature!
Now for the un-fun part of this Newsletter.  I absolutely love getting the opportunity to share this hobby with y'all and the journey has been nothing but amazing.  It's corny but I kind of feel like we're all just one big family, sharing each other's lives and milestones through our shared love for scrapping.
This entire adventure has been one of the biggest blessings to ever come into my life.  There has been only one negative in this entire experience and that is pirating.  I've kind of just resigned to the fact that it's going to happen and all I can do is trust that the powers that be, specifically the hosting sites, can let it be resolve once I make them aware of it, which for the most part works.

 I don't know if y'all remember but a few months ago there it was discovered that a woman who had a very, very successful Etsy shop was taking items I had given away as freebies, along with other designers like Bella Gypsy, and re-packaging and selling them for profit.  Obviously that woman underestimated the powers of our little scrappin' family because I think Etsy moved in record time taking care of the issue once we knew it was happening.  I'm pretty darn protective of you all and no one, I mean no one, messes with this mama bear's "cubs," which was exactly what she was doing - taking the money of others.  Yeah, it was a bit of a blow to my business but I can take that...but when you mess with the bull you best expect the horns.  And this Okie may be a "city girl" but I can sure charge! 

Unfortunately, this problem continues to multiply - to the point where I've had to rearrange how and where my products and freebies are made available, as well as cutting heavily into any sort of business generated.  Like I said, I can take it...but it's gotten to the point where it may end up causing me to drastically decrease the amount of freebies I share and number of kits available in the shop.  

I refuse to use the "R" word and promise y'all that it won't come to that.  I'm doing everything I can to prevent this from happening, trust me, but if you get the opportunity I would greatly, greatly appreciate any kind of support with purchasing items in my shop.  That's super tacky, right?  Forgive me, I know!  What I mean is that everything y'all purchase or contribute enables me to keep this scrappin' party going and it's impossible to even put a value on what your support means, let alone what it enables me to do.  I really struggled with sharing all of this but I just wanted to keep you all in the loop with what's happening."

 Okay, enough of the bad...let's get back to the good!  Take a look at what's happening over in the shop, what's new and what's fabulous.

Please note:  If you are missing any item(s) from previous orders please contact me at imharperfinch@gmail.com  The iNSD Store Offer downloads will be updated and sent out tomorrow, if not today.  The first part of these downloads were made available upon purchase.

Thanks for stopping by, your friendship and incredible support!  


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