23 June 2014

World Cup Alpha

Sometimes...sometimes...sometimes it's just impossible to put into words what would best be described in GIFS.  So, for lack of better words, this pretty much sums up my feels about arguably the greatest game of soccer in U.S. history, thus far.

This game was some serious David vs. Goliath madness, and I could not have been more stoked to see US soccer truly shock the world and, most importantly, have the entire country showing up to support our boys in this match for the ages.  Portugal, the #4 team in the World Cup, a favorite to make (at least) a repeat return to the Semi Finals, led by the greatest soccer player in the world at present - comes out and gets schooled by the US, the #13 team who wasn't even expected to win a single match.  It was beautiful, it was insane, it was soccer at its' finest, and no matter the final score - the US truly were the winners of the day.  

Again, sometimes GIFS are the only things that can truly explain something.

The US being told that they didn't have a chance in heck of competing with Portugal:

Ronaldo realizing he barely tied the #13 team in the world:

The experts thinking pigs would fly before the US could compete in "the group of death."

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  1. In order to recieve the free bundle & have a chance to win the gift card, does the total have to equal $10 before of after using the discount code? Thanks!