19 July 2014

She's a Peach

It has been absolutely gorgeous here for the past few days so I decided to take advantage and tag along for this year's visit to the Porter Peach Festival.  As a fan of sleeping on Saturday mornings and having a phobia of being too far away from a Whole Foods or a Starbucks at any given time, this was the first year I took part in this little quirky treat that my mom, sisters and friends have enjoyed the past 6-7 (?) years.  It's amazing how your life changes and what becomes important when you have a niece to share it with.

Miss Q, future Real HouseBaby of Atlanta & Miss Peach
 We came, we saw, we conquered tiny Porter, Oklahoma and have jars of Peach BBQ sauce for all.   Even though I'm a "city girl" (ha) it would be impossible to not appreciate and enjoy the Rockwellian Main Street Parade, Apple Butter, Shriner's Club & Veterans, etc. that made up this summer morning.  I definitely found inspiration for my next collection, so stay tuned for that in the coming days.  

Miss Q making memories with her Mom and God-Mother

What are you up to this weekend?  Anyone have any.... monkey business planned? ;-)

Don't forget to download this "Monkey Business" mini kit freebie.


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  1. too cute ! thank you very much ! i shared the link here : http://fr.pinterest.com/lemondedis/freebies-kits/ and there : https://www.facebook.com/LMIlesptitscadeauxPL