25 August 2014

Hello Fall...again!

Yesterday was a very special Sunday Funday for my family and friends as we celebrated the Christening of my niece, Miss Quinn Caroline Jones.  Or as her Aunt Harper likes to say - Quinn accepted God's nomination and took the ultimate ice bucket challenge.  ;-)  It was a beautiful ceremony and afterwards we had everyone back to the house for a little celebration.   Here are a few photos from the ceremony of Quinn in her special couture Christening gown that her Dad bought in Ireland.  Only the very best for Miss Q on her big day. 

Quinn, my sister Samy and brother-in-law Brandon with Father Jack
Quinn showing off her Irish Lace with my sister Samy, Q's Godmother Katie and Father Jack
It was a lovely gathering and a great reminder of what's important in life.  Thanks to all of y'all for your support, friendship and allowing me to be apart of helping to document all of your special moments in life.  It is an absolute honor and I could never express how thankful I am for you all. <3

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I'll be returning E-mails, sending orders and re-working my blog design so if you need me just shoot me an E-mail and I'll get back to you ASAP.  Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Quinn is getting so big!!! And still very beautiful!!! Thanks so much for the wonderful alpha!!!!