30 August 2014


It's a busy, busy Saturday here!  Why you ask?  Is it because it's a holiday weekend? NOPE! Is it because it's a Saturday and you have a lot to catch up on? NOPE! (Well, sort of!)  Is it because you want to take advantage of the sunshine and the pool in your backyard? NOPE!  Then what is it?    IT'S COLLEGE FOOTBALL TIME, baby!!!

No, not that football - you know the other one, the Amurican kind.  High school football on Friday, college football on Saturday and Church on Sunday - it's the Oklahoma way! 
 Unless you're me then it's football every day, every way.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm excited and will do my best to keep a lid on it...though we all know how well that usually works out.

As all of you parents know September is the kick-off to practices, car pools, late dinners and endless Saturdays spent on the pitch/field/sidelines/rink. etc.  In light of that I've created a new collection for documenting all of the hard work, big plays and moments to remember entitled "Play!"

Pick up the first patterns packs from "Play!" and my second new collection "We are Young" at 40% with the coupon code PLAY40.

Did I mention there are freebies? ;-)  Two in fact!  Snag them below.

Have a lovely, safe and excellent weekend! If you need me I'll be on a raft in the middle of my pool watching da foozball on my tablet ;-)  (Thankfully I can do both AND work at the same time!)


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