05 October 2014

New Release: Apple of My Eye

I'm definitely getting in the feel of Halloween after putting up the Halloween decorations, orange twinkle lights and all.  As y'all know, if I'm excited about something I go full tilt - and Halloween is no different.  (And I need a distraction from another PSG last second tie..blurgh)  I'm even more excited this year because I get to dress up my perfect little munchkin of a niece!  It's my birthday present to myself and her mother can just deal with it ;-)  

I may be getting the party started early but you won't mind will you?  Okay, what if I throw in an awesome sale into the mix?  And freebies?  Let's do it!

Here's a little "Apple of My Eye" freebie for you to grab before you go.

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Thank you so much! All of your kits are super cute!

  2. Happy birthday month! Have fun dressing up your cute little niece! & thanks for the cute mini kit.

  3. Love your tree and banner. Cute kit here. thanks.