16 October 2014

No Tricks, Just Treats

As the countdown winds down to my 30th birthday (13 days!) I'm able to reflect on the experience I've gained, the maturity I've achieved and the life lessons I've learned that have made me a whole person.  *Record Scratch*  Not so fast, age and wisdom!  As you can tell from this exchange, I will forever remain young at heart, searching for my shadow and a way to get back to "Neverland."  

Mom: Is this you?  16 year old girl chooses to meet Neymar, Jr. over winning $10,000.

Me: Duh!  See, she gets to go to Spain and everything too.

You're right Nemo, I should never be ashamed of my life choices, especially when they are clearly the right decision to make. If only... Sadly my grad school student loans would choose the other option.

Now, if it was going to Paris to meet and dance with David Luiz... case closed!

Speaking of carefree days and holding onto your youthful ways, I'm having a "Kids' Week" Sale.

This sale expires Friday at midnight and will be your only opportunity to use a discount/coupon on my special Halloween treat offers.  Don't miss out!

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