29 December 2014

FAQ + "Let it Snow" alphas

I've received a few questions about my store offer, what exactly the donor club is, how you can purchase each, etc. so I thought I'd take a quick moment and do my best to cover all of the bases. 

1.) Buy My Store Offer - Until January 1 you can purchase my entire shop for $25.  This includes over 400 kits/add-ons/packs - everything you see listed through December 31.  Upon purchase you will receive links to download three separate text files which contain the entirety of my store's download links listed A-Z.  If you have any trouble opening the files OR would prefer the links to be sent to your E-mail address simply E-mail me at imharperfinch@gmail.com and I'll be happy to help!  Please note that some December links will not be available until January 1.  I will send out links for those kits on Thursday.  I will be using the E-mail address listed with your Etsy account to contact you with said links.  If you would prefer them sent to a different E-mail address, pleast contact me. Please see preview below for a look at kits included in this offer and to find the link where you can purchase.

2.) 2015 Donor Club Pass - The Donor Club is a membership only group which entitles you to various free kits, add-ons and other offers throughout the year.  Upon purchase you'll be added to my Donor Club newsletter list.  Throughout each month you'll receive a newsletter each week listing download links for that month's exclusives.  These items will not be available free to non-members.  The first newsletter will be sent out January 1 and will include the kit "Let it Snow."  "Let it Snow" will not be available in store and is exclusive to the donor club.

Here's a sneak peek at "Let it Snow."

3.) Bonus Gift Cards - You will receive a bonus $20 Gift Card when you purchase my shop and/or Donor Club pass.  When you purchase both you will receive a $40 Gift Card.  Gift Cards will be available January 1 and will remain valid throughout the entire calendar year.  To redeem your gift card simply enter the order number for your original purchase as a coupon code at checkout.

4.) 2015 Store Drawing - Purchase my shop and/or Donor Club pass and be entered to win a one year pass to my entire 2015 shop.  You will be automatically entered to win upon purchase.  I will be selecting four winners on January 2.  Winners will be listed Friday on my Facebook page and blog.  Each winner will also be contacted individually.  

Get it? Got it? Good!  How about we get to those freebies?  Snag the "Let it Snow" bonus alphas below and check out the Facebook page for the coordinating glitters Tuesday afternoon.

Have an amazing day!


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