04 December 2014

New Release: I Heart the 80s

Okay, before I get to today's goodies I just have to take a moment to brag on my mom who was named one of the 100 "moxiest" ladies by Tulsa People magazine.  She has broken countless glass ceilings, been a pioneer for women in journalism and has given her time and heart to everything she believes in and cares about.   It's an incredible thing to have your hero also be your best friend.  Thank you Mom for showing me unconditional love, teaching me to stand for what I believe, to live in kindness and love...and that you're never too old to run around the house, shirtless, in celebration of your team/favorites scoring in the World Cup.  

My sister Lindsey, Dad and my Mom at the event honoring her moxie.
Let's do the time warp again!  Yep, we're throwing it back to the 80s and I'm kind of obsessed with this latest kit.  I can never get a enough Christmas but I thought I'd break it up with "I Heart the 80s."  It's bright, carefree and totally tubular!

Receive this word pack add-on free when you purchase the kit.

Now back to our regularly scheduled Christmas programming...

Free? Did someone say free?  Snag this "80s" add-on freebie below.



  1. Thanks for sharing, and congrats to your Mum!

  2. Like totally knarly like this kit is like so awesome. Hahaha. Seriously though this kit couldn't have come at a better time. Not sure if it's Taylor or the Flashdance musical or what but my friend's daughter who's 15 wore neon pink leg warmers when we went shopping last week. And she wants a shaker knit sweater for Christmas. . That was a trend I was really hoping wouldn't come back. If big hair is next... well at least my grad photos will be hip again even if I'm not. ��