20 December 2014

This Christmas Gift

Let the Christmas movie marathon commence!  It's just impossible to pick one...or ten...favorite Christmas movie(s) so I've decided to devote the next few days to watching them all. I've just finished "Batman Returns" and am getting ready to start up "Scrooged."  What are some of your favorite holiday films?  Let me know what I should add to my Queue this Christmas. :-)

Enjoy this little holiday stocking stuffer from me to you!  Pick up a seasonal kit or one of my holiday offers - save $5 on anything through Christmas Eve.

Have you missed any of the "This Christmas" freebies yet?  Check yesterday's post for the first two and then snag the rest below.  Come Christmas you'll have a full kit!



  1. thanks for the awesome gifts! my favorite is scrooge with albert finney bar none!

  2. Thank you so much for the great papers. I love the Silent Night one.

  3. Many thanks for the beautiful kit. Merry Christmas!