14 January 2015

New Release: New Year's Sparkle

Bonjour, Hola, Olá, Hallo - hello, hello, hello! :-)  Now if that isn't a greeting then I don't know what is. I'm just a tiny bit excited because we're seeing GARTH, y'alllll!  Tomorrow night the Finch gals are getting together to see Garth Brooks...and I am just a wee bit excited about it.  We were supposed to go last week but then we ended up having to change plans at the last minute (obviously).  I'm an Okie AND an OSU alumnus - it's like a requirement of residency to be a fan, a pre-req no one at Oklahoma State is allowed to get out of.  I'm warning everyone in advance - you need to prepare yourselves for an influx of my use of "Y,all," "Bless Her Heart, "Yee-haw" and so much more.  I may be a city girl but I know people who know people who know people that are pure country. ;-)

In other news, I received a package today from Paris and I swear I've never seen a package so beat up.  Visualize something that has been opened, taped, re-opened, re-taped, kicked, squashed, opened again, re-packaged and then smashed.  The kicker was that it was actually sent via certified mail, LoL, so the poor woman had no choice but to deliver it to me directly so that I could sign for it.  It was nice to take a moment to laugh, if only to stave off the realization of the crushing reality that it reflects. As a lover of Paris, as the daughter of a pioneering journalist, my heart will always ache for you, Charlie.  We are all Charlie, we are all Jewish, we are all human.

Let's get to the scrappin, shall we?  I've got new kits, I've got an amazing coupon, I've got new freebies, I've got it all for you!  Here we go... 

Don't forget the freebies...


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