01 April 2015

Easter Celebrations!

Get ready - I'm back and better than ever!  Being laid up sick left me plenty of time to plan out a few fabulous goodies to celebrate Easter with you all.  I'm talking a whole slew of new freebies and that's just the beginning.  Let's get to it, shall we?

I've extended my 2013/2014 store offer through April 5.  Visit the listing in the shop for a complete list of the 165 collections (400+ items) you will receive when you purchase this offer.  If you're doing the math - that's 12 cents for each collection.  How rad is that?!

Here's a visual of some of what you'll receive with this offer.

If you're getting the 2013/2014 offer why not pick up this special 2015 Easter offer?  Receive all 34 kits I've released in 2015 through April 5 for $10.  This is what you'll receive...

I'm not done!  I have a special Donor Club Easter offer as well.

Speaking of Easter...it's time for Easter kits and freebies!  Pick up any of these kits individually in the shop and save 50% on all of them with the coupon code HALFTIME.  
(Or you can receive them all with my special store offers!)

Are you ready for the first round of Easter freebies?  They're here!  I'll be giving out special Egg eggs through Sunday which will contain various Easter related freebies.  Pick up the first set here!

Stay tuned, there's much more to come!



  1. thanks so much for the wonderful Easter gifts! Happy Easter!

  2. thanxxx! these freebies are too neat! i shared the link here: https://fr.pinterest.com/lemondedis/freebies-kits-add-ons-collections/