15 May 2015

Camp Out Day One

After what felt like an interminable wait the weekend is finally here and I'm all packed for Vail! YEEEE!!!  I'll be in Vail for the first part of the week and then in Denver the second part - all in celebration of my my nephew's high school graduation. I *should* feel super bummed that my favorite nephew is all grown up (AKA I'm so OOOLLLLDDD!) but I'm far too excited to let even that get me down.  I love this kiddo with everything I am so excited to get to see him...and tease him in front of his new girlfriend. ;-)  Hey, what are Aunts for?  

I shall be tucked away in the mountains but will still have access to the internet so will be able to respond to E-mails, fill orders, answer questions. Most importantly - I'll be able to give away my entire "Camp Out" Kit + Add-ons over the next few days.  You can pick up parts one & two in today's post.

Happening now in the shop...

Enjoy part one & two!


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  1. thanks so much for parts one & two! they are awesome! I hope you have a wonderful vacation! how awesome you get to see him graduate! Luckily my niece is only 3 (only because they tried everything before they finally had her). My cousin's son just graduated from college which scares me (I think of her as about 15 in my mind, so how could she have a child graduating from college...lol) - it reminds me of my age too!