02 May 2015

iNSD Day 2

Happy International Scrapbook Day!  Thank you for letting me part of your iNSD 2015.  Sincerely, it means everything to me that you would allow my little hobby and my silly self into your lives.  The support is truly incredible and I count you in my blessings every day.  This is my THIRD iNSD - (Can you believe it?!) and I'm continuing to work and discover more ways I can express my gratitude.  As a designer (that sounds so silly), iNSD is about giving, not receiving.  Which is why my primary focus is getting you an exclusive FREE mega kit in honor of your friendship and faith it me.  I could have rolled out one hundred new kits, sure, but I felt that it just wouldn't really be the true spirit of iNSD and our connection, to do so.  Sit back, relax and let's have some fun!

My focus wasn't/isn't on the shop this weekend but it wouldn't be a real iNSD if I didn't have a sale or special offer.  This year's special offer is special shopping spree!  You will purchase the shopping spree in store - as listed - for $20 and in return receive a $100 credit to be used on all items in my shop.  You have 6 months to exchange your spree and you can purchase more than one.  Whether you redeem it the same day or 5 months later, please list all items within the $100 cap and E-mail them to me at imharperfinch@gmail.com <--- Whenever you choose.

I've also placed everything in my shop at 60% off!  To receive discount please enter coupon code iNSD2015 at checkout.  Coupon NOT valid with Shopping Spree.

Looking for kits?  Yeah, we've got 'em! With 468 items in the shop - you'll definitely get good mileage out of these iNSD offers.

It's freebie time!  Follow along and collect my the entire iNSD FREE kit.  Check in over on my Facebook page to download this paper pack this afternoon.

Don't leave without these!